A Bit of Advice…


Hi there!
This is the third post that I am writing for this blog. But its the first one you will see…and you may never read those other 2 posts. Why?
Well before I tell you that I should tell you how I ended up blogging.
I am a big dreamer. I like to dream about lots of things and one of them is being a successful blogger. This is my 3rd blog, the first 2 never took off because i didn’t invest the time into it, and I wasn’t loving the names after a while.
So I have this ah-ha moment for a name and I jump on it, claiming this domain as my own. Then i find some blogging help, blogs…and I subscribe. (the Nectar Collective is my fave) Then a few weeks pass and I decide to check my email (which lets be honest, only happens once a month if I’m lucky!). I read an email from TNC and I’m off on their website and I’m trapped in an endless cycle of “recommended posts”. My brain was packed full of tips and tricks of how easy it was to be a successful blogger and how i needed to go about doing it. Friend, it takes more than the 3 step blog posts that I read.

Don’t get my wrong they are super helpful, i’m just not ready for those steps.

But one step that stood out to me was:
“You need to find a product or a service to offer your readers.”
That is a great idea! And that would definitely earn you some money (read, make you successful). So then i started building my blog, with this “step” stuck in my head.
What can I offer them?! What can I offer you?!
I just want to blog about my crafts, and my dreams…

So I thought why not make your blog about how to help other dreamers reach their goals? And I went after that idea. And I wrote those 2 posts that you will never see.

So now I can tell you why…
Because those posts were not me.
Because that direction is not what inspired me to blog.
Because I lost track of my goal and I was just focused on being successful.

Friend, you will never be successful being something that you are not.
And better than that, if you try to pursue an idea that you have very little interest in or very little knowledge about, it won’t have the chance to be successful before you get burnt out.

So that’s my bit of advice…Be YOU! Don’t be something else, looking for approval or success! Who cares if an entire country reads your blog, if you aren’t blogging about something you love?! Why waste your time if its not about something you love?

Now I just want to be me, and blog for the reason I started blogging.

So welcome to my little lifestyle blog!
If you continue to read my blog, who knows what will show up!
It could be a diy, or a photoshoot, or a post of how great God is and inspiration from His Word.
But i know that whatever I write for this blog, I hope that I always love it!
I hope that it always represents me, and I’m never doing it just because thats what i “should” do.

I hope you take this advice too! ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. This is great advice! I started and stopped blogging multiple times before I realized I should just blog about the things I love/know rather than trying to impress some unknown audience! Now blogging is fun and something that’s a huge part of the success in my business. I wish you lots of luck and look forward to reading more!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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