Insta-faves – September 2015

Hey there!

bloggraphic insta fave

Let make this into a follow Friday! Check out these sweet ladies and leave your instagram in the comments!

Well after instagrams new notifications update, I’ve put together a list of a few of my favorite instagrammers. What I love about these women is that they thrive off of encouraging others, whether they realize it or not! They are creatives (like me), wives, mamas, entreprenuers, and they love the Lord.
So I just felt like today was the perfect time to share with you some, of these wonderful ladies.

  • Amy Lou
    Amy serves our Country and i think that is amazing!
    She is a wife and mama and a crafter! But what I love most about her instagram (besides the cuteness of Miss Everly) is that she usually has some encouraging words and it’s usually scripture based.
  • Lauren McMullen
    I just discovered Lauren, thanks to the explore tab! She is a hair and makeup artist. I just love how fun her instagram is! She has an adorable puppy dog who looks like you could just hug him, and she loves 
    doughnuts! (all good people love doughnuts!)
  • Sarah
    Sarah is a graphic designer with a love for 
    script/calligraphy fonts and coffee cups (which are adorable!) She just got engaged and her ring, is GOR-GEOUS! She has an etsy shop and a casify shop!
  • Valerie McKeehan
    Valerie is a hand-letterer and illustrator. I’m in love with her hand drawn recipe illustrations! I’m obsessed with hand lettering and calligraphy in general so her instagram is definitely a fave!
  • Katie Rodgers
    Katie is a favorite! Painting is kinda my number one love, so her instagram is huge inspiration! She puts her own unique spin on it and I love her shadow dancers! It’s just beautiful!

So there you have it! My favorite instagram-ers this month! Maybe ill share some more in the future, because instagram is such a big inspiration for me! If you are a creative instagramer or maybe you just take pretty pictures, i would love to see them! Leave your instagram in a comment for me! 🙂



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