Cookie Baking Day!

With loosing 45 pounds so far this year, and being 5 pounds away from my goal It’s hard to convince myself to bake sometimes, even though I really want to!
But I really wanted some homemade chocolate chip cookies, and we have Bible Study tonight, so I can take them to share…and I still get to enjoy a couple without having the whole batch staring me in the face for a week!

I like the thick chewy ones, and my mom likes the thinner ones so I made 2 batches!

I really do love to bake y’all!

So I thought I would just share some pics and share the links to the recipes for y’all!

thumb_IMG_5818_1024 thumb_IMG_5819_1024
Batch #1: Perfect Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

thumb_IMG_5821_1024 thumb_IMG_5823_1024
You gotta have a glass of milk with a warm cookie!!! #Delish

And I’m currently watching all of the episodes of Boy Meets World, so that was playing while I baked! #Corey&Topanga I’m on season 5.

thumb_IMG_5829_1024 thumb_IMG_5830_1024
Yummy batch #1! Seriously, so good!

Batch #2: Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies 

I may have sort of burned the second tray of these….But, the first batch that wasn’t burned is what is pictured. I thought they turned out a bit dark but they aren’t burnt.

So on this perfect fall day, i’m now listening to some Maroon 5 and writing this blog post! 🙂
I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!
And if you have a link to your favorite cookie recipe, leave it in the comments!



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