Happy Handlettering!

I have always loved watching people write.
My mom said that when I was really little I would ask her to write words so I could watch her. 🙂
And I remember being so excited to learn to write in cursive!
After I learned, I loved it and I have very neat handwriting (when I take my time. If i’m in a hurry it isn’t the prettiest.).

I told you that Instagram is one of my main sources of inspiration!
It literally applied to every thing that I do: Crafting, Painting, Photography, and Writing of course.
So I started following a couple calligraphers, that led to other calligraphers, and so on.
I LOVE when they post videos of them writing, the simplest thing like a single letter, or an intricate word.

So I started seeing these hashtags like #handletteredABC’s.
And I wanted to participate but I just didn’t start.

Until the other day… 🙂

I jumped in and joined @handletteredabcs, for their week 7 prompt: #handletteredABCs_fall, and came up with this little beauty…thumb_IMG_5863_1024

Which actually was featured that night on their instagram! (major fan-girl moment!)

#What?! #fangirlmoment

Then….I joined @lesleyzellers for her #sketchadaywithLRZ challenge!
But i was 7 days behind, so i’m trying to play catch up.

But here are my first 5: (i used my #handletteredABCs_fall sketch for day 1’s prompt: leaves)

prompt: pie
prompt: “fall y’all”
prompt: acorns
prompt: sunflowers

I still have a few more to go to catch up, but these 5 instagram posts brought me 56+ likes/comments yesterday! How crazy is that?! I was pretty much fan-girling all day yesterday!
Thank you for all the love on instagram and my blog! 🙂
I definitely want to share more hand lettering soon, along with some other projects I have going!

But I want to see some hand lettering from YOU!
Let’s come up with a prompt, shall we? How about we start simple?
Show me your favorite quotes! Tag me on instagram, @samikins16, and use the hashtag #ASChandletteredquotes!
I want to see them! Good, bad or ugly!
The only way you can ever get better is by practicing!!!
So go for it! I believe in you! 🙂




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