My Crocheted Sweater!

sweater graphic

I finished the gorgeous sweater about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been wearing it every chance that I get!!!!!

This beautiful pattern is by All About Ami (ps, follow her on instagram too!)!

I’m so glad that she shared this reposted this pattern on her instagram a few weeks ago, because i finally decided to try it!

I used 1 skien of Joann’s Big Twist – Rainbow Classic yarn (formerly, Purl Essence Rainbow Classic yarn) and still had some yarn left over.

I did tweak the pattern just a bit for my personal benefit…

Here is a secret about me, I despise Single Crochet. I’m the type of person who likes to see a substantial length difference at the end of every row. Single crochet is a lot of work with little visual payoff. So I double crocheted instead and kept going until I had the same measurements that she did. And when I finished that part my sweater created it’s own collar, so I didn’t use hers but you could still add it if you want an extra large collar.

I cannot tell you how comfy this sweater is! It’s like a cuddly, hug!

PS. If you decide to make this sweater with the same yarn I did, you cannot beat a target quality sweater for $10.00. Better yet, if you use a coupon…$5 for a sweater!

Shut the front door.

You can keep your Thrift Store makeover sweaters, i’ll keep my beautiful crocheted sweater! (heart eye emoji)

Not to mention that i’ve had several people be shocked when I told them I made it, and didn’t buy it. That will make you feel proud!

I could keep going on and on about this sweater, but honestly just check out the pictures and then go buy your yarn and checkout the pattern from All About Ami, and get started!!! It took my 3 evenings, so technically, you could probably finish it on a cozy fall day if you decided to have a crochet-a-thin. (wink wink)

Sweater1Sweater 3

Now go. Go on. Go make this sweater so you can enjoy it during this lovely fall weather!! 🙂

Thanks for reading!!




  1. This is beautiful! I love All About Ami’s patterns. I haven’t crocheted in a long time, but you’re totally inspiring me to take up my hook and yarn again. I love the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a piece 😀


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