Let’s Talk About 2016

Lets talk about 2016


Okay, I know i’ve already blogged since the new year but today i’m going to talk about the thing that everybody talks about at new years,

Dun, dun, DUN.

Before I jump into this, I want to take a minute to thank everyone who read my last blog post! I was just sharing my heart, and all of you have been really sweet and supportive about it! So, thank you!

Now where was I? Oh YEAH!

Dun, dun, DUN.

I feel like there are 2 camps to this whole resolution thing.
Camp #1: Totally optimistic, super pumped about the year, glass half full, I will stick to my goals, and this is my year!
Camp #2: People who say this stuff, “Nobody ever sticks to their goals, so why bother even making any?! I’m so tired of this being all I see on social media this time of year. And I’m SO tired of all these “resolutioners” (if you will) stealing my favorite spot at the gym on January first. But i’m not too worried because they will be gone in a week or 2…if they make it that long.” #Debbydowner

I’m in camp number 1. Now I’m not going to puke my happiness and rainbows all over you and dance around waving pom-poms in your face, but I think it’s great to start most things with optimism. I know there is a big fear of heart-break, or being let down, but, if you constantly live in that fear you won’t ever do anything you dream of doing, because there will always be plenty of reasons not to try. Fear to do things is something I personally struggle with, so I get it.

Now I want to apply the same theory of optimism to the New Years Resolution Debate.
January 1st, is no more than another day. If you want to start something, why not start on the first? It signifies a clean slate. Like anything can happen this year. Like last year didn’t happen, but you are faced with an empty book that is asking, “What do you want to do?”. Not what can’t you do? Where your response would be something like, “Well I might as well not write that down, because that thing happened last year that totally destroyed my chances.” NO!

What do you want to do?!

I heard someone else talk about how her goals in previous years have been things like, “workout more” & “drink more water”.
And she slowly started doing these things over the past few years, little by little.
And now she works out 5 days a week, consistently, and drinks 2 liters of water a day without thinking about it.

Set dream goals.
I fully believe in making big goals and believing they will happen.
But under the big goal, lets make sub-goals.
Remember this from last post?
IMG_8041 copy

Let’s make out sub-goals, small attainable milestones that will bring gratification instead of just banking on the one HUGE goal that could take a couple years, and ultimately be taken by impatience and frustration. But lets say you start attaining those sub-goals and then one day you realize you’re there! You’ve reached your destination. Go read my last post if you haven’t. (I promise I can blog about more than just going after your dreams, but not right now.)

And that, brings me to my…

*drum roll*

2016 Resolutions.

But, I feel like I should split this up into 2 blog posts so that you aren’t too overwhelmed! (Bonus Blog post this week!)

But my main point here is this,
If you make goals and they happen, how extremely exciting is that?!
But if you don’t make goals, what’s going to happen?
If you’re happy where you are at, and would be content living the rest of your days the exact way you lived today, I’m happy for you!
You keep doing you, boo.
But if you aren’t, what would you rather be doing?

Make your goals, make sub-goals, hustle.

See what happens!
What’s the worst that could happen?
You would be at the same place that you would have been if you hadn’t made the goals.

So go be dreamers, write down what you want to do!
NOT what you know you can do.
Put it somewhere you can see it.
Most importantly, pray about it! Place it in God’s hands, He loves you more than you could ever know, and if that dream is from Him he will take it and turn it into more than you could ever imagine.

And if you need to wave pom-poms around to cheer yourself on,
So be it! 🙂



  1. So encouraging! I’m working on my resolutions still. I find it helpful to reflect on pros and cons about the last year and pick something significant to focus on. I’m definitely encouraged – but I have to be careful to not reach for the sky…or universe with a list of 20 new routines!


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