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I unintentionally started on this kick about following your dreams, so I figured why not keep it going through January?

So this weeks blog post is about finding inspiration.

We all work and learn and grow in different ways, but these are some things that work for me.

Girl-Talk – I feel like the ultimate inspiration is simply getting together with some friends and just relaxing. It can leave you feeling refreshed and recharged, which then leads to inspiration.
A nice cup of coffee, or your favorite movie, or (my personal favorite) a trip to the craft store for some retail therapy! Doing it with people who have the same goals and interests as you really does something for you! 🙂

You-tube – I personally love you-tube! I’m a visual learner so it is especially helpful for me when I want/need to learn something. Sometimes I like to just watch creative videos though, even if its something I already know! Jen Schow on Youtube has a great series going on called Sunday Script + Uplift, and I’m really enjoying it! Nikki Phillip also is doing a series on her youtube channel and blog, called “How to Be Happy January”. This is the 3rd year of this series and each year has something different to offer. Even if you think the title of the video doesn’t apply to you, you may be able to grab a quote or some tidbit of inspiration from it! 🙂

Bible – You know I believe God is always right on time! Sometimes when i’m kinda mind blocked i read just the perfect scripture that gets me through, or a worship song and it resonates with me in a whole new way.

Music – Personally music isn’t usually at the top of my list for inspiration. I love music and I love to sing, but usually I just listen to whatever is on in my car. With the exception of my current favorite song which i will play on repeat until I never want to hear it again. I’m not really a music listener for entertainment though. When i’m crafting or painting i prefer to put on a tv show or movie in the background.

Coffee – I know I kinda already mentioned this one, but its a good one. And if you’re not a coffee drinker, just sit down with your favorite beverage and enjoy it. Remember my goal for 2016? Enjoy the little things. Don’t rush through it, savor it! I like to scroll through social media (#scroller) or watch that show that I had on in the background while I sip on my drink. These are my favorite mugs. That watercolor starbucks one, SCREAMS me! We won’t talk about the fact that 2 of them are Christmas mugs.
IMG_8266 copy

Instagram – THIS one, is my personal fave. My number 1 source of inspiration comes from Instagram. With all the crap that people post on Facebook these days, I avoid it. Somedays I think I get on there maybe once. And that is usually just to check my notifications from the art/girl boss groups I’m in. (Any Rising-Tiders reading?)
I can’t tell you how many screenshots of things I have in my phone, of stuff from instagram! Its probably a shameful amount, but we won’t talk about that. Here’s a tip, If you fall in love with some instagram pics like I do and you want to save it for later, (like pinterest) screenshot it on your phone, but make sure you can see the instagram name so that way you can go back and look at more of their stuff later! 🙂 If you don’t follow me on instagram already, I am @samikins16. While you’re there if you have some time and want to follow some lovely new people, click on my “following” tab and scroll through.
Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.08.41 PM.png

I would love to know some of the ways you get inspired!
Let me know in the comment or, as always, hand letter it and share it with me on instagram! Use the hashtag #ASChandletter

Happy Inspiring!



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