10 Tips for a Prettier Instagram


So you know how sometimes you find those instagram accounts that look more like a magazine shoot than a social media account?

Gorgeous, right?!
Their houses are always clean, their pets always adorable, their nails always perfectly manicured and i’m 99.9% sure they have a personal hair/makeup crew and photographer that follow them around 24/7.

Well, i’ve been striving to achieve that look on my instagram for a while now, and a few months ago when my best friend Bethany from, Poetically Peachy, (you should check out her blog and etsy shop too) told me that my instagram looked “so hipster” i was so surprised. It was kinda like beating the boss level on Super Mario. Okay maybe not, but it was pretty exciting.

I keep trying to make it look better, but a few lazy pics make it in there every now and then. Today I want to share with you a few instagram tips i’ve been using lately and how you can use these tips to take some crazy, good pics for your blog without a DSLR. Now don’t get me wrong, a DSLR makes the quality of your blog pics considerably better, but you can get by without one.

TIP #1 – Let There Be Light!
let there be light

Natural Light and lots of it. This tip right here could absolutely make or break your picture quality. The best place to find this (if you don’t want to drop some cash on photography lights, or don’t have the space for them) is next to a window. If you don’t have access to a window or it’s cloudy out, just stay away from yellow light. You can make a light box for small product photography with this tutorial. Just put a lamp over it and it should work for you, but like i said the whiter the bulb, the better. This is a little area in my craft room that I like to take pictures in because of all the natural light.

2. TIP #2 – White Background

This is probably the cheapest hack for blog/instagram photos (aside from the marble background hack, which would also work here). It is as simply as $1 foam core or poster paper. Keep this around and whenever you want to snap a pic of your latest diy, or your adorable target dollar spot haul, just put the items on this and snap away. Hold your phone close and play around with angle.

TIP #3 – The Higher the Phone the Closer to God
sweet pea
I know this quote is supposed to be about hair buuuuttttttt…..
What I mean by this is you have to hold you phone directly over your workspace/photo background. Something about a picture taken from directly above makes it look super professional. Taken from an angle that is level with your surface takes things down a little.

Straight on, or from the top. Both look ok so pick which ever one you like best. If I wanted to feature more of what is around the typewriter then i would use the one on the left, but if I just wanted to use the typewriter i would use the one on the right. It’s all about personal style and preference. ย After all, the instagram police won’t come after you if you use the wrong angle. (unless we are talking about selfies, keep the phone high and the chin count low!)

TIP #4 – Keep Your Style in Your Pictures.
sweet pea pink

Experiment with different backgrounds or styles. Try prints, solids, Neons like this, anything that catches your eye and is your style! And this won’t be crazy expensive either! This is a piece of scrapbook paper, and you can find TONS of different patterns for that. Also michael’s has a set of big poster papers with the We Are Memory Keeper stuff that I want to try. They are a few dollars a piece, they’re big, and they come in different patterns (including gold foil accents). #allthehearteyes
TIP #5 – Rotate Your Photos

Straight is great, but turning things little can add some interest. Don’t be afraid to cut off part of the image a little.

TIP #6 – Look It Straight In The Eyes
Take photos of things on walls, of pictures like this, head on! Again, Angles can be great, but straight on is usually a safe bet. #instagramfeature

TIP #7 – Lurking in the Shadows

Picture #1 was taken close up and that shadow on the bottom left is stealing the spot light.
Picture #2 was taken far away and I can now crop out that pesky shadow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

TIP #8 – Keep a Level Head

Notice in all of these pictures the lines that run through them are level for the most part. If you can’t take it level on your own, Instagram has given us a great tool to straighten things out. Or you can edit it in your camera roll.

TIP #9 – Focus!!!

You’re picture will be border-lined pointless if its out of focus (unless you’re trying to something super hipster & artsy, but this is different) If I was trying to use this photo on my blog and I wanted to show you guys his super cute valentines day wash, it would be useless if you couldn’t read it, right? You’re phone has an auto focus feature, but it fails sometimes. If it does just tap the the screen where you want it to focus and it should. Light is also a key feature in this. If it’s too dark where you’re shooting than It won’t be able to focus all that well.

TIP #10 – Color
Color is the last thing, keep things bright! Use filters that brighten instead of darken, but don’t take things too far. You don’t want to destroy your photos by making it look like you’re staring into a fluorescent light bulb. A Beautiful Mess has just come out with a color app called A Color Story and its great for brightening things up and trying to achieve the level of instagram coolness A Beautiful Mess has! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope these tips help you make your instagram a little prettier and achieve maximum insta-coolness. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Let me know some of your instagram tips in the comments!

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚


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