Throwback Thursday and a dose of encouragement 

A Dose Of Encouragement

Most of you know I lost 50 pound last year, getting me to my goal of 150 pounds. That’s a major feat. Probably one of my biggest accomplishments.

One of the major ways I did that was not eating breakfast. Now before you health nuts flip out on me and tell me “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” (I’ve heard it too many times) let me explain. I hate breakfast food. I don’t like eggs or oatmeal, and Cereal and waffles/pancakes are too sugary, and leave you hungry and unsatisfied. The only breakfast I like is bad, fast food, McDonalds breakfast. And that is not healthy or calorie friendly.

My cushy teenaged life allowed me to sleep until 8:30 or 9, get up get ready have a big glass of water (tervis tumblers are my best friends) and eat a good hearty healthy lunch at 11:30 or 12. And that worked for me!

Well life got busy and it was hard to keep up with and I couldn’t always eat healthy meals.

Then I started working and adulthood kinda slapped me in the face. I have to be at work at 8, so I have to get up at 6:45 to be there on time. And if you don’t know how to tell time it’s a long time From 6:45-11:30. And I have to eat breakfast now. And my job sells warm, fresh cinnamon rolls the size of my face, and cinnamon rolls are my favorite thing. So I’ve have a few.

I’ve slacked and I’ve gained 3-5 pounds which is a normal fluctuation for me. Then I step on the scale and it reads: 160 pounds. That is a gut wrenching, defeated feeling. But I’m not giving up.

Sometimes when you’ve been slacking off and doing what you know you’re not supposed to, you need that slap in the face to wake you up and make you get your life together.

So here I am feeling defeated and getting things back together and then timehop pops up and shows me a blog post from an old blog from a year ago. And this shows up:

It kind of made me step back and realize that a year ago a hadn’t hit my goal and I didn’t know if I would or if I could. Not only did I hit that goal, but i actually joined a gym and i LOVE working out (which is something I never thought I would say) and I’m over her being a little bit of a girl boss, because I’m getting fit and i can actually tell I’m getting stronger! And here I am feeling sorry for myself and this just tells me, I’ve done it before and I will do it again! I’ll rise up! 😏

In the midst of weightless/gain trials these are the things that are the bright side:
I wear a size 8 shorts, and a size 10 jeans (because skinny jeans are dumb sometimes)
I can actually buy SMALL shirts sometimes, depending on how things run.
I bought a size 4 dress the other day. Um…what? 😳
I can do crunches. And when I do consistently my jello actually looks like its been put in a mold instead of just a bowl. (a.k.a I can see a little definition)
I can jog on the treadmill for 20 minutes, with 4 minute run intervals. (I could only last for 5 minutes the first time)
I can ride the stationary bike at 100-120 rpm for 15-18 minutes.
And when my dad tries to arm wrestle me, i give him a little resistance. 😏


So I tell you all of this, to encourage you…and myself! I know losing weight is easier said than done, and keeping it off is even worse sometimes, but take this advice from me and get the MyFitnessPal app, deny yourself a few fun snacks or doughnuts or whatever your thing is, change your portion sizes, be hungry every now and then (most importantly, go to bed hungry!), DRINK WATER and stick to your guns! Because nothing is as satisfying as progress, Confidence feels amazing, and being able to do things and not feel like you’re about to fall over is an incredible feeling!

I’m going to go all Nike and say, #JustDoIt….#notsponsored

Happy Throwback thursday and here’s to reaching our goals (no matter what they may be) and stinking to them! 🙂



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