Tuesdays Together Styled Shoot – Augusta, GA


Sorry, didn’t mean to go all caps on you. But i’m super excited about what I’m writing about today!
I feel like i should share a little back story first.

*cue harp music and dream sequence scene*

White putting my blog together a few months ago I found out about The Rising Tide Society as a resource for Bloggers, Photographers, Creatives, etc. I didn’t realize they were still in their first year, though! And I didn’t know about this cool little time called “Tuesdays Together”. Find info about TT and your local group here.
Now i’m an artist, so I can say what I’m about to say.
Artists and creatives can be weird people sometimes (not that weird is bad). But my local artist community is full of mostly hippies who aren’t in the same genre as I am, and they definitely aren’t the nicest of people some times.
So fast forward a few months and I’m talking with my mom about how I really wanted to find a photographer that I could learn from or work with. The very next day an event pops up on Facebook for the Tuesdays Together meeting later that week.
I was pretty busy that day and I was really nervous to go to a meeting so I wasn’t going to go or mention it to my mom. Then somehow it came up and she said I had to go see what this was about; and moms being what they are, she said she would go with me! (Don’t you love your mom? Moms are the greatest!)

I sat there quiet, but wide eyed with excitement the entire time.

When we left I remember the first thing I said was “Those are my people!” and my mom reiterated that statement.

The topic of that meeting was Styled Shoots, something I had no clue about. So I listened and learned and was ready to be a part!

Over the next month or so the design and planning team (Ashley Irene Styling, Meghan C Bishop, and Laurel Avenue) met and discussed a theme, picked a venue, set a date, and put together a lovely mood board. I volunteered to do some hand lettering. What I loved about Ashley was that she gave us a direction and let us take it where we wanted to, saying “You are the experts in your fields and I know that you know what’s best.”.
That is a true leader.

The day of the shoot I realized I had over booked myself and i was a little distraught about it.
My day went a little something like this:
Going to church
Driving 45 minutes to the shoot to drop off the 2 signs I painted
Driving 45 minutes back for a meeting with friends
Getting fuel, a.k.a Coffee (important)
Driving 45 minutes back to play photographer for a little while
Driving 45 minutes home on cloud 9

It was one of the busiest days i’ve had in a while but Man, oh, man it was one of the best days of my summer!

I so wish I could have stayed and played all day but i’m so thankful that I got to be there when I could.

I love that this shoot featured all of the fabulous talent that is in this group.
I have loved every minute of the meetings I’ve attended with RTS/TT.
Our fearless leader, Lauren (Lauren Carnes Photography) is one of the sweetest most uplifting people you will ever meet. I’ve met a few other lovely ladies that I now call friends and I can’t wait to get to know everyone more.
The mantra of Tuesdays Together and The Rising Tide Society is “Community Over Competition” and I don’t think this group could embody that any more!

Needless to say i’m pretty addicted to Styled Shoots (I know, I know, not every shoot can be like that, but they are so much fun!). The more I play with photography the more I understand and the better I get at it, and that is a very satisfying feeling. Every Imaged I edited made me get butterflies. Is it weird that I get emotional over my work? *shrug*

Here is a little sneak peak of my photos from the shoot:

And did I mention there was a deer? Because there was! A pet deer! Seriously.
Her name is jane doe and she’s pretty much one of the coolest pets I’ve ever met, and such a good model (as long and somebody was feeding her blueberries)! ☺️


Creative Direction and Styling: Ashley Irene Styling – @ashleyirenestyling | Meghan C Bishop – @meghancbishop | Elena • Kaley • Michaela (Laurel Avenue) – @laurelavenue
Photography: Lauren Carnes Photography @laurenlcarnes | Samantha Renee Photography – @artstudiocollective | Jon-Michael Sullivan – @jm_sullivan | Griffin Nelson – @The_Gryphons_Nest
Videography: Philip Stanley – Brightwork Media
Florals: Cherie Hurt – @waitingonwildflowers
Makeup & Hair: Cucumber & Mint – @cucumberandmint | Lyndi Rayne – @lyndirayne | Natalie Setareh – @nataliesetareh | Acuity Photography – @acuityphotography
Catering: Chef Megan – @meganchef
Handlettering & Design: Kris Smith – @krissmith | Samantha Atkinson – @artstudiocollective | Samantha Bodie – @samanthabodie
Props: Griffin Nelson – @The_Gryphons_Nest | Karin Jeffcoat – @cotedesignsfloralevents

I can’t put the way I feel about this shoot into any more words, but definitely find a Tuesdays Together group and experience these wonderful people for yourself! 🙂
Until next time,




  1. That is amazing! I am so stoked for you that your found your tribe! Doesn’t it feel so good to be encouraged and even just validated by so many awesome creatives going through similar things? Great job and I can’t believe there was a deer, how cute!


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