Fashion Friday – A new combo


I’ve never really considered myself an expert at fashion or anything close to that, but lately I’ve enjoyed documenting my outfits every now and then and I figured I could post it here!

I posted a little something about this outfit Sunday on my instagram but here’s the full story, i guess. 🙂
I started off Sunday in a bit of a funk, purely out of exhaustion. I was coming off of two back to back trips. One work missions trip and then counseling for kids camp (with only 1 day in between), and then coming home and going to work Saturday! Somebody pass the coffee! Well as I was getting ready I had one of those “OMG nothing feels right and everything makes me look fat or its dirty!” (hello, 2 weeks out of town, not a lot left to work with) moments.
I’ve worn this skirt a lot! Always with a t-shirt of some sort, usually my gray one.
While rummaging through my clothes I found this striped t-shirt that I had always deemed “casual”, but actually…this is now one of my favorite combos!


I paired them together and wore the skirt at a little bit of a dropped waste level and it looked fab!

Here’s some of the details:

IMG_1235The Art Studio Collective

What’s that on my wrist you may ask? It’s a scrape…from sliding across asphalt, after the line on a zip line rental lowered while i was on it. But we won’t talk about that! 😂


I got this beautiful faux marble ring from Kids Camp, actually! One of the BGMC couples has made some jewelry to raise money for missions and i thought, “Hey! Supporting missions and getting cute jewelry is a win, win!” And i don’t think i’ve ever loved a ring more. 😂 #dontjudge

Shirt – Target | Skirt – Old Navy | Necklace – JCPenney’s | Shoes – Avenue

Let me know if you enjoyed this post, or would be interested in more posts like these! 😍

Thanks for reading!



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