A Season for BRAND Love


Welcome to February!

I immediately think of all things love when the calendar turns to February. And frankly, my sister-in-law and I have decided that Valentines day is one of the best holidays and is honestly just way underrated! Why does everyone overlook Valentines? #allthelove

Since I can’t actually give any “love” advice, (even though I wish I could) I decided to talk about things that i’m teaching myself and that is, my business and blog….more specifically my brand.

We should all love ourselves a little more, right?
Well my mission isn’t so much about loving my self, but loving the me I portray to potential customers.
If I don’t have my act together, potential clients aren’t going to know who they’re working with; which in the long run will end up causing trouble for both parties.

If you’re not with me so far let me give you an example…


When you see a red and white bullseye or someone in khakis and a red shirt…what do you automatically thing of?
You definitely don’t think of the service you’re get at Walmart, right?
And vise versa.

If you want be a wedding planner you’re obvs. not going to advertise to do childrens birthday parties.
If your ideal brand revolves around blushes + pastels, and flowers, and lacy girly things; your business cards (advertisements, etc) won’t look like bold stripes, bright neon colors, etc.

Cohesiveness is key to attracting your ideal client.
Displaying yourself as “I can do anything, and everything, no matter what theme or style” will ultimately come back to bite you (in my personal experience).

I’ve hear this all the time:
“It’s better to do a few things with excellence, than to do everything halfway.”

So, how can we narrow down the brand that we want to portray?

Words, Colors, Images that stand out to us, Lifestyle and purpose.

NEXT week i’ll be giving you (and myself) the tools to making a mood board!
Who’s excited?
I’ve been meaning to make a mood board for myself for a long time so i’m excited to check this off of my to-do list this month. 🙂

We’re being intentional with our goals, over here, Y’all!

Get your thinking caps on, and block off a few minutes of time next week, to grab a cup of (insert your favorite beverage here) and dream about what our businesses should look like and take steps to making our potential clients see the beautiful girl-bosses (or guy-bosses) they’re working with! 🙂


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