Brand Love – Answering the (Not So) Serious Questions

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in a way that best accomplishes a particular purpose.” – Charles Eames


Today is part two of our 3 week series on brand love, in honor of Valentines Day (Which is 2 days away!). I know last week I told you we would be getting the tools together to make a mood board, but before you go hot glueing, glittering, pinning, or wash-taping we have to answer some questions. If you just broke out in cold sweats thinking this a test, you can relax…it isn’t.

In a relationship with another human being sometimes you get into conversations with people who want to know all the little details of your significant other…And sometimes you don’t even know all of the answers to those questions, about yourself!

Being a small business owner/ girl-boss means you have to be ready to go twelve rounds in the verbal boxing ring with that little old lady that lives next door that wants to know everything about your “significant other”, which in this case means your business. You can’t really be too prepared in this situation.

So let’s nail down these answers for ourselves! Let’s make a “cheat sheet”, if you will.
Like I said before, this isn’t a test; but I do have a free printable at the bottom of this blog post so we can fill out our answers together.

Got that printed out? Got your lipstick on? Got your coffee?
Then let’s get started!


Have you ever been scrolling through instagram or pinterest and see a photo that stops you in your tracks and is just pretty to you?
Sometimes for me it could be the cirque de terre or a photo of a messy art table.
Print that out and attach it to your worksheet.

What’s your color scheme?
I’ve left 3 openings on your sheet but you can definitely use more.
You can find color inspiration from your inspo image or somewhere else like, Pantone or Design Seeds.
To fill in these spots you can use paint chips, use scrapbook paper or cardstock, or print off colors.

When people see your work how do you want them to describe it?
Pick a few words and write them down.
Ex. Warm, Girly, Inviting, Wanderlust, Moody

You are your business. Your business wouldn’t exist without you, and it wouldn’t be the same if you hadn’t created it.
So what is unique about you, and your lifestyle that you can infuse into your business.
This will attract your kind of people and inherently attract your potential clients.
Ex. Coffee/Tea, Religion, Charities, Fitness, Habits, Motherhood, or Young Adventurer

What is your mission statement?
The reason you get up and fight like mad to do what you love, instead of struggling through a miserable 9-5 job?
What is your goal with every product you produce or every sale you make?

At this point you should have filled in the last spot on your worksheet, which now means you are almost ready for next weeks blog post.
This wasn’t a test, but you do have homework this week.

To prepare for next week you’ll need to do a little hunting and gathering.
Here’s a list to help you out:
Printable Here

Go hunt and gather and meet me back here next week to do some
fun crafting and mood board decorating!

-Sami, The (he)Art Studio Collective

Don’t forget to print your free branding worksheet!

Click Here to Download Your Mood Board Worksheet!



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