Business Goals Recap


The best way to grow is to evaluate what you’ve done and see what worked and what didn’t. Last week I recapped my goals for 2016 and gave you an update on how they went.
This is post 2 of 4, for my January blogging theme of “Goals and Resolutions” and today I’m talking about Business Goals for 2017.

I didn’t recap one of my goals from last year in my previous post because I wanted to really explain everything thats happened this year for my business. So i’ll start by telling you about that.

In 2016 I wanted to ‘Pursue My Career’. I said I didn’t really know how that would happen but I just wanted to take a step. It’s actually crazy to think about how much has happened because I feel like it’s been forever since I said that.

Instagram – After I wrote my goals, I started my instagram account that i didn’t put much effort into right away but eventually i really got in to it. I participated in The Rising Tide Society’s InstaTideChallenge which was so much fun and was a really great opportunity to communicate with each other and learn to use instagram to the best of it’s business capabilities. Right after that I got 100+ likes on a post for the first time. Not trying to brag, because the post wasn’t even about me, but from a business stand-point it’s a milestone.
My next ‘instagram goal’, if you will, was to reach 300+ followers by Christmas. And I hit 300 right after Thanksgiving. *happy dance*
I know Instagram is just a social media network, but the more likes and followers you have as a creative person or business owner means that many people see your work and like it.
I went from posting and having barely any response to posting and actually getting engagements with followers or people who find my work.

Art for Sale – This year I went from only doing art and commissions for friends to selling my art in local shops & on Etsy. I started my Etsy shop early in 2016 and I still haven’t made a whole lot of progress there but I’m still working on it. In 2016, I put my art in 4 local shops (one of which is an adorable bridal shop!).screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-9-18-11-pm

Commissions & Projects – Commission pieces are usually some of my favorites and i did a few of them this year. However, my favorite snuck in right at the end of 2016 right before Christmas. It was 3 different watercolor flower pieces and i may have to remake one of them for myself because I’m in love with them! I don’t usually work with watercolors, but thats all about to change!

Networking – 2016 was a great year for networking! As i’ve told you before I found Rising Tide Society this year and i fell in love with it! It completely changed the way I look at everything business and I’ve learned so much! It feels like I’ve known about RTS forever and the friendships that i’ve made are so genuine that it feels like i’ve known them for way longer than a year! Networking may not seem like a direct way to grown your business but i wouldn’t have done half of the things I did this year if it wasn’t for this group. Business relationships are so important!

“Community Over Competition”

I can’t believe how much was accomplished in 2016. It was a crazy year in some good ways and in some unsure ways, but among all of that some fabulous things happened and I’m so grateful! Next week i’ll share my goals for the coming year, so stay tuned! 🙂

Thanks for Reading!
The Art Studio Collective

Welcome to 2017 – Our Best Year Yet



Where to I begin? Last year I wrote a post called “Let’s Talk About 2016” basically just to get my ‘resolutions’ written down where I could look back on them through the years.

Let me tell you one reason i’ve realized that it’s so important to do that! I forgot.
I forgot 90% of the goals I wrote down last year! And if they hadn’t been written down I wouldn’t know how much I accomplished.

In preparing for 2017 i’ve heard that the best way to prepare is to evaluate what happened this year, and what worked best and go from there.
So let’s recap shall we?

*As I said last year, If you don’t want to read this that’s fine with me. 🙂 This is just so I can look back next year and in years after that and see what I’ve accomplished.




Blogging – obviously didn’t really get carried out through the whole year, but I kept it up longer than I ever have before. So I count it as a small win.

My Career – This is the one I’m most excited to talk about! I think I’m going to save this for a separate blog post. Stay Tuned!

Jesus – I went on my first US missions trip this year and I also started volunteering with a group called Release Time Bible Education. In this program children sign up for a Sunday School type program where they go to a nearby church one day a week during a school release time and learn about Jesus. It’s so cool! And the relationships we are forming with these kids is so special!

SAT/College Placement Tests – I passed the SAT with a little below average score but overall not that bad and i did pass so I’m happy about that. I still have 4 more tests to take, and I was hoping to get that done but this summer was CRAY-ZEE.

Job – This one happened. It was stressful and honestly it pretty much crashed and burned and scarred me for life. But it did teach me something: money is nice to have, but I would rather hustle as hard as I can at my art than work somewhere like that again. The job itself honestly wasn’t that bad! It was the atmosphere and some behind the scenes stuff that pushed me to quit.

Etsy – I started an Etsy shop, The Art Studio Shop. If we’re being honest here, I pretty much failed at it. Is that harsh? I generally did pretty much all the wrong things.
My artwork succeeded, just not through Etsy.

Photography – I have definitely increased my photography work this year. I’ve started working with my friend Philip and his company, Brightworx Media. Since this summer i’ve had the pleasure of shooting several different types of events and a couple weddings. The mark of a good artist is someone who is always learning a growing, and that is something i’m always striving to do, in all of the art forms i practice.

Get Fit – Y’all. Let me tell you. February 2016 I joined a gym with my best friend Poetically Peachy. Y’all we actually did it….kinda. We consistently went for months. So much so that her mom and a few other ladies joined us! I was gaining momentum and pushing myself. I actually started running and improving time and speed. Working out was and is something I now crave, which I never thought would happen. And someone referred to me as “fit”. What. Come again? And then… Remember how I told you summer was CRAY-ZEE? Yeah it threw so many wrenches in every area of my life! (only half joking) I haven’t been in far too long and have probably lost a good bit of the progress I had made and that sickens me. I can feel the difference too so now that we’re entering into the new year I can’t wait to go back!

That’s pretty much all of the resolutions i had last year. The other things that I mentioned were Prayer & Happiness which aren’t necessarily resolutions as much as ongoing challenges. It’s something you can’t really get wrong or right it’s just something you keep doing and you’ll have good days and bad days but you’ll keep doing them. 🙂

My niece was another thing I was excited about. She is our little ray of sunshine! She is the most beautiful baby girl I’ve ever seen! She’s so smart already and I’m so proud of her! I’ve always dreamt of being best friends with her. I want to be someone that she wants to spend time with and is happy to see. Even though she’s still a baby, the look she gives me when I walk into the room and say “Hey Sunshine!” makes me think that we’re on the right track! I look forward to the many many years we get to spend together forming that friendship.

Over the month of January I’ll be sharing more about my goals for 2017!
Here’s the Schedule:
January 1st – Welcome to 2017
+Recapping 2016’s goals
January 8th – Business Goals Recap
+All that happened in my business in 2016
January 15th – Welcome to 2017 – Part II
+What I want to do personally in 2017
January 22nd – Business Goals for 2017
+What I want to accomplish in my business this year

Happy New Year friends!

The Art Studio Collective